Fractals, Chaos and the Mandelbrot Set Workshop - Links

Link to these sites to continue your journey...

Start off by getting 'Fractal Explorer'. It's simply an amazing piece of software! And it's free. :-)
It's very easy to use. You'll be doing zooms with magnifications of a trillion in the first few minutes.

A doorway to a HUGE amount of fractal information. Images... programs... etc.

Perfect for high school, Bob Devaney's site at Boston University is a 'must visit'!

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences

Actually, what the heck am I doing trying to put links here.
Just google 'fractals' or 'mandelbrot set' or 'chaos theory'. Nobody does it better...

...come to think of it, here's a link to a tutorial that will help you get Fractal Explorer going...