Fractals, Chaos and the Mandelbrot Set Workshop - InfoPak

InfoPak Details

The InfoPak contains all you need to get you started on this fascinating journey of discovery. This incredible world of extreme complexity and elegant simplicity is waiting for you to begin your exploration. Here is what you get:

This beautiful full color postcard, with a nice concise description of the Mandelbrot Set on the back.

A 2" color button of an image of a zoom from deep within the Mandelbrot Set. Click the button to see the 16 different images available and make your choice!

A disk of 9 DOS computer programs that explain, explore and generate fractal phenomenon. Click the disk to get a detailed explanation of each of the programs.

Click here, to download a zip file of all the programs on the disk. (1.2 M)

New! There are a lot of 'Chaos Games' on the web, but they all have their shortcomings. This version is perfect for teaching the basic ideas behind the chaos game. It's a tiny .exe file that does the job. :-) download the Chaos Game (56 kb) .

New! If you want a nice full screen tool that really shows the beauty of the orbit and dwell of the points in and around the MSet, look no further. This little .exe file fits the bill! download Orbit and Dwell of the MSet. (44 kb) .

An eight page summary of the basics of chaos, fractals and the mandelbrot set. This is a hardcopy of most of the information that is available on this section of these web pages.

Note: Sorry, the InfoPak is no longer available. :-(