Physics Party!

Here is an idea that I have found that you might try.

One day near the end of my senior physics course, I look at my students and say, "For your next homework assignment... (long pause...) Let's have a PHYSICS PARTY!" Of course everyone smiles, but because I said 'physics party', and not just 'party' they are a little suspicious. I tell them a little about the video, and invite them all to my home on the weekend to watch the program. This works well for me because my senior physics class usually has only about 15 students, and we all fit in my living room. I supply a bunch of soda and popcorn, and we all 'hang out' and have a good time. It is a nice informal setting, and is a refreshing change from the classroom. AND, I don't lose any class time from the regular curriculum. With bigger classes, perhaps you could use a video projector and a room at school. Not as informal, but still fun. Especially with a big bag of popcorn, it doesn't feel like a class. Word gets around, and I have new students at the beginning of the year ask me, "Are we going to have a physics party this year?"

Try it, you'll like it.

P.S. This might also be a fun idea for the end of a science teacher's meeting as well. Get your colleagues to see this program!

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