Vampire Numbers - Information Summary - Part 3

As one looks for the larger vampire numbers, their numbers increase. This can lead to some ambiguity as to the correct number of true vampire numbers. After writing programs to generate lists of all possible vampire number candidates, and then sifting those lists with other computer programs to search for multiple zero progenitors, and virtual twins (other factors producing the same vampire number) I have arrived at the following definitive details.

Summary of vampire number details
Digits in Vampire NumberTotal Number of CandidatesNumber of numbers disqualified due to
duplicate zeros in progenitors.
Number of numbers disqualified due to
being virtual twins.
Total Number of TRUE vampire numbers.

Here you can download Visual Basic programs to search for all the 4, 6, and 8 digit vampire numbers.
Each program has a slightly different display and approach for dealing with the different data.
You have your choice of the .exe version of the code, or the source code itself. (Visual Basic .frm) The code for each program is just about a page or two long, and should be understandable to a typical grade 10 or 11 computer science student.

Computer ProgramsSource Code
 Vampires 4 Digits.exe  - Generates the 4 digit vampire numbers. Vampires 4 Digits.frm - Visual Basic source code 
 Vampires 6 Digits.exe  - Generates the 6 digit vampire numbers. Vampires 6 Digits.frm - Visual Basic source code 
 Vampires 8 Digits.exe  - Generates the 8 digit vampire numbers. Vampires 8 Digits.frm - Visual Basic source code 
 Vampires 10 Digits.exe  - Generates the 10 digit vampire numbers. Vampires 10 Digits.frm - Visual Basic source code 

Other vampire number details:

4 Digit Vampire Numbers
ALL of the 4 digit vampire numbers.
The 4 digit vampire number candidate pool contains no multiple zero progenitors or virtual twins.

6 Digit Vampire Numbers
ALL 6 digit vamprie numbers. (156 #'s : 148 True)
Disqualified candidates are noted.

8 Digit Vampire Numbers
ALL 8 digit vamprie numbers. (3,399 #'s : 3,226 True) (140k file)
Disqualified candidates are noted.

10 Digit Vamire Numbers
The interesting 10 digit vampire numbers (7k file)
Disqualified candidates are noted.

10 Digit Vampire Numbers
Text file list of ALL 10 digit potential vampire numbers. (112,025 #'s) (4Mb file)

Miscellaneous list of lot's of really large vampire numbers. (12 digits up to 100 digits!) 14k file