Bahamas - Another Wonderful Dive Trip

The Scuba Adventures of John and Joan

This time our adventures took us to Freeport, Bahamas. We had several wonderful dives.

Our divemaster...

...has some fish food...

...he's very popular.

Yep, they're yelowtails.

Wanna bite of cucumber?

Old re-compression chambers never die, they just go diving.

Banded Butterfly fish

Pork fish.

80 cu. ft. tank fish (a.k.a. Horse-eye Jack)

"Hey look, a big hermit crab."

"Hey look, these fish speak English!"

"What are you lookin' at?"

The DM said we'd see sharks!!

A good look at a Remora.

What a sucker! I wonder if they ever attach themselves to divers?

"Duh.. Sharks?!" says the Black Grouper

A school of blue tangs swimming away from me or the
shark, I'm not sure which.

A Queen Angle fish who apparently doesn't care about sharks.

My wife sitting on the deck of our dive boat.

My wife takes my picture.. "Get closer dear."

"Damn those yellow tails!"

A Sea Scape

Blood Vessels

A Sea Fan

A pile of orange peels

A wig holder

Soft corals - colorreddus and purpulatus

Barrel sponge

Tube worms

Vase sponge


Midnight Parrot Fish

Rock Hind

Beautiful purple vase sponge.

Tasty purple vase sponge.

Gray fish with red spots.

Tiger tail. (Well named, but they still look gross.)

Darth Vader's cousin.

Mr. Moray

Nice coral canyons.

Nice dive companion.

Nice dive!

Cup coral.

Brain left over after sharks ate the diver.

Casper the ghost holding a fish.

Sand Tile Fish being brave.

Sand Tile Fish being chicken.


And now the famous "shark feed" dive!

"I hate it when..."

"...the sharks swim around behind me!"

Sharks comin' at ya!

I like this view better.

"Seeing sharks always makes my hair stand on end!!"

"Ahh... the dive boat, before I get bit."Don't forget to rent a jeep for the day and explore the island.

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