Welcome to The Scuba Adventures of John and Joan

Bonaire - March 2001
  This island of diving paradise lived up to it's name!

Cozumel Shore Dives - Part I - March 2002
  All the diving in Coz is great, but we did three shore dives that were as good, or better, than the boat dives!

Cozumel Shore Dives - Part II
  Another wonderful, fun, shallow dive, with lots of surprises! I love how diving so often delivers more than I'm expecting.

Cozumel Shore Dives - Part III
  Three big surprises on shore dive #3. Two good, one bad.

Cozumel : Devil's Throat
  The name says it all!  A "must read!"

Florida Keys Dive Trip - March 2003
  Don't want to fly to the Caribbean? Why bother, the Keys have it all!

The Channel Islands of California - July 2003
  Cool water, HOT dives. When you giant stride off a Channel Island dive boat, it's a looong way to the water!

Crystal River, Florida - March 2005
  Manatees! The Gentle Giants. You gotta visit these creatures!

Freeport, Bahamas - March 2005
  Nice dives and hey, Sharks!

Grand Cayman - July 2006
  Stingray City Chaos and my Lost Gear Adventure

Mayan Riviera - July 2007
  A friends free condo for the week sent us to Puerto Morelos. What was the diving like? This pictorial tells all!

Zanzabar, Africa - October 2008
  After a week doing missions work in Malawi, we spent a few days diving in Zanzabar. Wow, it was awesome!
Since 1999 my wife and I have enjoyed scuba diving in many different places, and I have put together this web page to share our adventures with our friends and other divers. All of these pages have been posted on the Rodale's Scuba Diving Trip Report web site, but since they were always difficult to find by people who weren't familiar with that web site, I have posted them all here in one place. Enjoy. If you are a diver looking for info on a particular destination, perhaps you will find these pages useful.
Half the fun of travelling is planning your trip, half the fun is the adventure of actually taking the trip, and the other half of the fun is sharing your trip after you've taken it! That makes your entire trip 150% fun. :-)

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