Diving the Mayan Riviera - Another March Break GetAway!

The Scuba Adventures of John and Joan

When a good friend offered us a week in their condo, in Puerto Morelos, we jumped at the chance!

The signature building in Puerto Morelos is this lighthouse, tipped by a past huricane.

The back of our delightful condo.

The front of our delightful condo, showing the "infinity" pool!

You are here!

A beachfront resturant in town.

Good friends, good food!

Puerto Morelos is still pretty much a sleepy little fishing town.

It looks like the local Yamaha dealer is a great salesman!

To get to some of the beachfront resturants, you have to squeeze down the side alley

We did our first bunch of dives with the dive shop of the local resort.

No crowds here. Lot's of personal service. :-)

Ahhh, underwater again!

The first to greet us was the ever present blue striped grunt.

These little ... and ... are always on the move.

More blue stripped grunts.

Blue chromis, the torpedo fish!

A crinoid! (aka sea lily or feather-star) It's really an animal!

A school of pork fish.

There were lots of big schools of pork fish.

Our divemaster.

A beautiful school of atlantic spade fish.

A sting ray glides by...

...and stops for a picture.

Our dives were drift dives, and the current was steady and strong. All the big barrel sponges seemed to be bent by the prevailing current.

Watch out for the fire coral...

Say hi to Mr. Moray..

and admire the soft corals.

Scorpion fish #1...

Scorpion fish #2...

...and a beautiful school of pork fish.

The underwater topography was excellent.

School of ???

Soft coral seascape.

Banded butterfly fish

Another sting ray flees his hideout.


Time for a surface interval...

...but soon we're back underwater.


The porkfish is so colorful.

Yellow with black stripes!

Who can resist taking another picture of a school of porkfish?

Porcupine fish

Black durgeon


Soft coral with polyps extended

Long spine squirrel fish


Beautiful underwater colors

Awesome texture

A colorful bouquet

A tiny little box fish. :-)

We drove down the coast to Playa del Carmen and dove with Phantom Divers (www.phantomdivers.com)

More blue stripped grunts

High hats! A fish we don't see very often.

Two spotfin butterfly fish and two high hats.

And another porkfish.

Phantom Divers boat. Nice, fast, no crowds!

We dove a site called "Tortuga" and counted 15 turtles!

This guy was having lunch...

Notice the anglefish waiting for a freebe.

Joan follows him to his next meal..

...but he heads to the surface for a breath.

French anglefish


School of ???

Beachfront at Playa del Carmen

Two ???


Drum fish ?

Another fish you don't see very often.

On this dive we dropped down near a huge school of tarpon. I bet there were 500 of them! The current was rippin' and I had to hold on to a rock to keep from being blown away! This was the only pic I could get, after using 500 psi to move up-current a little, but it was no use, the current was too strong.

"Wow! Did you see that huge school of tarpon!"

One of the divers in our group...

...decides to make an adjustment to his gear!

Our divemaster, holding the reel to our marker bouy.


The last dive of the day.


And don't forget to visit the Mayan ruins down near Tulum.

It's well worth the trip.

And stop for a swim in one of the nearby freshwater cenote pools.

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